Untitled Freestyle

by Vita Et Mors

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Short little freestyle in promotion of my upcoming mixtape. Beat produced by me as well.


I'm dropping jewels freely
Like Jared's hands were greasy
Jesus Christ that was wack
Can someone please start me back?

Alright let's try this shit again.

I'm tearing tracks up like a stadium is shutting down
I'm building then destroying like it's Royce's second album
Crushing the competition mixing brake fluid and Valiums
Abusing Nuprins and losing any sense of value
I breathe lyrics, eat lines and dream of a beat's art
Every morning I bite a Kit-Kat so I make sure I even shit bars
Screw a crew, I'm a team, you're looking like you're Billie Jean
I spit illy things so lick it mean till my dick is clean
Quickly serving fiends
Handing needles at my concerts, popping OxyContin, and watch your momma's momma twerk in jeans
I haven't worked a day and don't plan on getting sleep for weeks
My sponsor's given up; I'm dropping coke and freezing weed to eat
These lyrics fill my head; I'm Dwight Schrute with my need for beats
I'll take your ugly mug and fuck it up with some metal cleats
Lacing mad spliffs and hitting switches with some crazy bitches
Spit at Christians and jerking off to your mommy's baby pictures


released July 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Vita Et Mors

Vita Et Mors is a young American MC hungry to make it in the rap game. The name “Vita Et Mors” translates from Latin as “Life and Death,” and that is his mentality when it comes to hip-hop. Inspired from an early age by Eminem, Vita fell in love with rap. A contest on Rap Genius spurred him to take his hobby more seriously, and today writing, rapping and producing occupies his every free moment. ... more

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